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Julia Ironside was born in Worcestershire in 1969 and studied Fine Art at Central Saint Martins. Her work presents a close examination of the quotidian, often bringing objects and materials from the natural world (or their semblances) into the gallery. A cavolo nero leaf languishing in her fridge or a bunch of flowers sitting on the kitchen table are captured in casts or transformed into landscapes, drawing our attention to their ephemeral qualities, while also (paradoxically) preserving them. Her work invites us into an intimate world and provides a poignant meditation on the tension between growth and decay, pain and loss.


Concrete Burns, Degree Show One, Central Saint Martins

Do Disturb, Palais de Tokyo

Open Studio, Central Saint Martins



Open Studio, Central Saint Martins



Translation, Petrie Museum of Egyptology



Open Studio Pt. 1, Central Saint Martins

In Between States, Mile End Pavilion

MMXIII, Mile End Pavilion



Here in Archway, AIR commissioned project


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